Monday, August 1, 2011

Cottage of the Month.

The big secret I have been hinting of during the last months has finally reveiled itself!
I can't believe it really :) So greatful to Jennifer who decided to showcase my humble home.
And the timing couldnt be better! 3 years ago today, on the dot, I stood in front of this door. I had just received the key to my first, and maybe even last, home. Vinnord Cottage was passed into my hands on aug. 1st 2008.

And I feel like I am in excellent company... I mean she has featured cottages that has later been shown in "Romantic Prairie Style"... and some of these houses she showcases are just stunning.

just to link some of my favorites among the former CotM
"Cottage of the Month" has been going on since 2006, and it's still going, stronger than ever. Loads of people tune into the site at the first of every month to check out the newest beauty. And this month they will all meet my cottage! I think I should admit that I am alittle proud, no actually ALOT proud!

Everyone that knows me, also knows, how much Vinnord means to me, and how I think of her as my biggest piece of art, my biggest success... Being a interior fanatic is a way of life, and I also strive to take back the simpler times. Do things the old fashioned way.

My tiny bog has never gotten alot of attention here in Norway, and I feel blessed to be taken into the "Ole Painted Cottage" family of cottages.

The photographs were all taken by my fantastic sister Eva Feldmann and we had alot of fun staging the home. I wish my everyday photos for this blog turned out even half as good. Today I show you pics that Jennifer picked out. It seems Jennifer has made the colours slightly more faded. My home is actually way more vibrant, like in these original photos :) During the next few days I'll be showing you stuff she let out. And dont be afraid to ask any questions you may have either :)

Please head on over to my CotM gallery to see Vinnord as you have never seen her before!


Karen said...

Hi Trine, I just saw your gorgeous home at The Old Painted Cottage. I love it and I'm so happy that you have a blog. I'm a new follower and look forward to looking through your archives. Congratulations on having your beautiful home featured on the COTTAGE OF THE MONTH.

lala said...

Hello, I also just found you from Old Painted Cottage & immediately became a follower. I absolutely love your Vinnord- so utterly charming and peaceful. How lovely it must be to sit at the oh so sweet kitchen table sipping tea and looking at the view. Congratulations!!!

home 4us said...

Nydelige bilder. Hvor morsomt at du er avbildet med bloggen din. Likte det kjøkkenet ditt kjempegodt:)

Ha en fin uke!

emcgeary said...

hello trine....what a gorgeous home you have. i am so happy for you. you have beautiful taste! i have a silly question maybe, but i am curious where you got your polka dot chair cushions on the two chairs at that little table by the window? i also saw one outside on the porch in a basket. is it possible to order something like that online? thank you so much.


Laurie Anne said...

I saw your lovely home over at the Old Painted Cottage. I love the peacefulness of it. You did an amazing job.

Seacrow said...

So happy to see your lovely home at OPC. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your sweet life and decorating talent with us. Blessings be yours!

Anonymous said...


Er trofast leser av bloggen din, du er en av mine favoritter. Håper flere får øynene opp for bloggen din nå, det har du fortjent :)

Hilsen Irene

Claudia said...

Just saw your charming home at The Old Painted Cottage. It is beautifully, simply decorated and I smiled with pleasure at each new photo. You have a wonderful style.

Anonymous said...

Så koselig det ble! Kjekt å se før og etter bilder :) Elsker alle lyktene dine :)

Jacque said...

Hello Trine! I am visiting from Jennifer's Cottage of the Month blog as well. I love your home and your fresh and clean decorating style seems very serene. Thanks for sharing your home with all us girls in the US!

Have a great week!

stacey said...

Trine, what a lovely and serene home you have created. I also send my condolences and prayers to you and your countrymen in Norway. Peace!

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Dear Trine, thank you again for allowing me to feature your charming home. I've received such warm feedback from my readers, which comes as no surprise. Your home is simply lovely in every way.


MimiG said...

I found you through OPC - your home is beautiful. And, I think you hit the nail on the head using the word Sanctuary to describe it. That's what it looks like to me. I'll be back to visit again and again!

Stephanie said...

Hi - I too found you on the Old Painted Cottage feature. You house is so cute. I will be sure to stop by again. I love your kitchen and front porch. I am from the USA and had to wonder why the horseshoes were hung with the open end at the bottom? Here is the USA we consider the shoes to be lucky and when hung, we hang the open end up so the "luck doesn't run out..." Hope that made you chuckle, but it is true. Stop over at my blog " Thank you for sharing your home with us all.

PinkPeony said...

Hello Trine, found your blog on Old Painted Cottage.....Love what you have done to your cottage.

Especially love the white table and blue chairs looks so soft and relaxing.

And your pony is adorable.

Anonymous said...

i also got here from old painted cottage~love your style and your home. i also started following on pinterest! looking forward to seeing more of you!


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Congratulations! That's how I found I blog, and I'm so glad I did!!!! Your cottage is lovely. There are so many wonderful ideas in all your photos. I'm getting ideas for revamping our own cottage. Thank you so much!

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

jmpratt said...

Beautiful Cottage! Congratulations! I especially love the frogs and lanterns. My style, also!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Trine!
(JUst wrote you a comment and called you Eva, your sister's name... sorry about that!)

Just came from Jennifer's blog and OH MY HEAVENS!!!! Your house looks so amazing on there! (Because it IS!)
I love your details and special touches... you are one of a kind and trult have your own look, Trine.

I love your horse themed stair case and you have inspired me to maybe paint the vertical boards on my stairs ivory to add horseshoes also. THAT is so awesome!

You have totally transformed your sweet cottage. Thanks so much for allowing us to come in and visit.