Saturday, August 13, 2011

Before & After - Bedroom

The last room on my tour of the Vinnord Cottage is the master bedroom. There is still 3 more rooms upstairs, but these are a far cry from finnished. Sigh... the next project is the guestroom though, which hopefully wont be that far away :)

This is how it looked when I took over. Not horrible, but bland.. and gray... I wanted something else. I wanted to feel like waking up on a cloud, every day.

and here is what I made out of it. The bed and bedside tables were bought at a charity shop and painted white by my mum and me. The set was a gift from mum... It is my dream bed, I would never change it.

I read... ALOT... so next to my bed there's always a basket full of books, that I havent read yet. The dragonfly in the frame was a gift from my best friend Ole. It just shows how well he knows me, giving me a dead bug for a gift! Ha ha.. I framed it and I love it!

 A sweet little shelf, with some cute decor.... the sign has since moved to the atlier though.

and old woodburning stove, for those cold, long Norway winter nights.

the morning light shines beautifully through my window. Bathing me in soft light.

 I couldnt afford new wardrobes, so I painted the once that were left by the former owner. Added new handles and left old suitcases on top, for that much neaded extra storage.

the sheepskin helps cold floors in the morning. And the vintage books? Well they support the matress... my bed is too big for it you see :)

 soft light... the perfect way to wake up...

that was the tour of my home. For now :) So I hope you enjoyed yourself. My sister Eva Feldmann has taken these photos. I love her (and her camera). 
I hope you keep comming back though, as I have loads of projects... always :) And news to share.
Also, I wanted to thank you all... you new followers, and commentaors. I LOVE meeting new bloggers. Thanks you!!!

Pictures taken by my sister Eva, her website is

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Untill next time; take care!


Hulda said...

Utrolig vakkert soverom! Så luftig, lett og herlig! Likte veldig godt bildene også, tatt fra gode vinklinger. :) Likte så godt det siste, ut gjennom vinduene. Du er skikkelig flink!

Sommerhuset i bakken said...

For en forandring! Vakkert, herlig soverom med mange flotte detaljer. Kan tenke meg du sover godt og drømmer søtt der ;-)

Ha en finfin lørdag!

andrea said...

I like the stash of books on the bedside by the mattress. That is adorable! I am smiling right now! Great make-over. Andrea @townandprairie

Romantikk-takk. said...

Så lekkert rom du har laget og
for en smak du har,herlig,digger
Fin Lørdag til deg.

RoseSommer said...

Herlighet så spennende huset ditt er! Det er godt jeg bor så langt unna (tror jeg), ellers hadde jeg vært en sånn som kjører saaaaakte forbi for å tjuvkikke.
Ha en fortsatt god helg!

Autumn Cottage Life said...

Trine, your bedroom is beautiful. I love your Colour scheme and your carity shop finds are really great. Amazing what you can do with a bit of paint. I am about to up-date our cottage and your blog is inspirational. Keep up the good work. Ypour home is lovely.

Mitt hvite hus said...

Herlighet... jeg er mektig imponert over disse innleggene dine... du har virkelig skapt et vakkert hjem... så gjennomført og så stilfullt..

Du kan være så stolt av deg selv..

Klem O=)

Annie said...

Love the wallpaper to the moon and back!:) Here's a thought...use some leftover on the wardrobes. You could frame it out with shoe molding or even paint a "frame" around a piece of wallpaper on the wardrobe doors. Very pretty and feminine boudoir, dahling.

Cindy said...

Your master bedroom is very unique. I love that you used the old books to fill the space between the frame and the mattress! And the basket of books is fabulous, I also love to read and I read a lot. The color in your room so cheerful!
Hugs, Cindy

lala said...

Your room is absolutely dreamy!!! I love the basket of books and will use that idea in my own room instead of stacking books on the floor.

Monica Helén said...

Det er virkelig herlig å våkne opp på det rommet, det kan jeg skrive under på! =) og jeg er like takknmelig hver gang jeg setter nakne føtter ned på ett herlig saueskinn istedet for ett iskaldt gulv! =))

Schaughn said...

Hello! I just found your blog tonight and in my usual fashion, am devouring it. However, I was amused to see the tags on the suitcases on top of your wardrobes. I haven't read through enough of your blog to know you well, but clearly with you being in Norway, Saskatchewan bus line tags (the one on the luggage) are from quite far away! I'm from Saskatoon Saskatchewan and it made me smile. Where did you find that luggage?

Thanks, and I love what I've seen so far!


Schaughn said...

Do those tags have a date on them? I want to send you some new tags, just for the sake of it!