Friday, August 26, 2011

Edible Gold

  Good Friday Folks :)

Yesterday I ventured into the forest and found gold! Edible gold!! Chanterells... they prince of shrooms, the best autumn food there is! We found heaps of it too... so much that not only did it feed 7 hungry adults with mushroom stew, but we had leftover for the freezer and some to dry for winter use...
 aren't they gorgeous? This is just my part of the loot. The rest was left to my parents and their german guest. It was actually Kathi's mother (Kathi is one of my "adopted" sisters from germany. She was a foreign exchange student at our years ago) who found most of it. That woman can sniff out a shroom like a truffel pig!
I also raided dad's plum tree. They were so ripe they just fell off... so sweet. Yom yomm.

I made myself mushroom stew for afternoon tea. With cream, onions and tomatoes. it was amazing!

My first flea treasure of the season. This wooden crate, painted the perfect shade of green. Isnt it lovely?! I have made a home for it next to my chair in the livingroom, housing all my magazines...

but I took it out for a little photo shoot, I couldnt show it off good enough next to the chair.

Tomorrow is fleamarked extravaganza! I counted no less than FIVE happening around this area. I have a problem getting to them all in time. One should really be there by opening, before the best treasures dissapear. But I will at least make 2... Wish me luck.

Oh and someone was asking if I have a list of things to look for, or just get inspired while looking... BOTH. I always have a list of things my house "needs" or things I collect. Like the green figgjo china (seen above), but I also get inspired while there. Sometimes I end up buying stuff I dont really need, but who doesnt?
This season I focus on stuff for the guestroom. As well as chairs for the porch (found the perfect bench/sofa for the porch last season- in spring -). Doilies are always popular with me, and old suitcases (can you get enough?!) As well as old specimens, but they are hard to get by.



Thanks for your fun comment on my blog today.

I love the green china tea cup . . . I would be hunting those down.

Your crate is very cool, too.


Autumn Cottage Life said...

I love chanterelles, I picked them last year after doing a wild mushroom course. I also like the amethyst deceivers and the wood blewitts. You look as though you found a great haul of goodies. Love the tea chest as well, really rustic!

I love foraging for wild food. We live right by the river and I pick sea beet and samphire and I'll be going out soon to collect the blackberries, sloe berries and wild damsens.

Great post its lovely to see what you've collected.

Have a great weekend

Debbie x

andrea said...

I love wild mushrooms.. my dad picks them, too. We eat them sauteed with onions and they are heavenly! They never last long because we gobble them up. andrea @ townandprairie

Angela said...

I love all your beautiful pictures,
you are so blessed with your surroundings and natures gifts.

Monica Helén said...

Vi har vært så heldige å få kantareller av svigers dette året vi.. Tørker dem i ovnen... Men det du fortalte om her høres jo litt mere godt og interessant ut en tørkede kantareller...:P