Monday, August 8, 2011

Before & After - Kitchen

Continuing on with the before and after series. Showing photos by Eva Feldmann, from the shoot leading up to Cottage of the Month at The Old Painted Cottage.

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Yeah, it was hard to imagine serene-ness in here. Those faux bois cabinets. The vinyl cork floor. And that sunshine yellow on the walls, dark drapes... It was a sorry sight.

In fact the only part of this kitchen that appealed to me was this old stove. Impractical, but oh-so-beautiful.

The old floor was ripped up. And new vinyl was put in its place. I couldnt afford real wood. But this looks so real it has alot of people fooled. It's a roll-it-out kind of deal. The texture is so lifelike with grooves and all. But it is softer to walk on than real wood of course. The walls were painted a pistchio green, and the cabinets all thrown out and replaced with my favorite cabinets from Ikea. 

I kept that oven of course. On the left you see my collection of vintage green/teal nutbrown & skyline utensils. And I use them too! All the time. The wooden crate is from a local brewery and the lidded container contains catfood.

Yes, I have a tiny fridge (but there is a bigger one hidden in the basement, and there is a hatch leading to there from the floor) Part of the reason I decided on a small fridge was that I wanted a coffee corner. The shelf of drawers were found in a garage, cleaned up and painted. It now holds alot of tea! The old coffee jars were both found at the local Antiques dealer.

an old chippy window serves as a frame for old bookpages from a "farm animals" guide.

old green bottles. Sometimes I keep flowers in them, but mostly they just reflect the light.

Old scales is the nest of a tiny chicken, and the egg whisk was just to pretty to hide away.

Fresh flowers, berries and fruit is decorative, and yummy.

The table was a gift from my grandmother and I belive it belonged to my great grandfather. The chairs were bought at a fleamarket, the pillows at a local "cheap store".

This old shoe shine tote holds my spices. And old mason jars keep sugar, flour and other stuff at hand when cooking.

well that was my kitchen :) I hope you enjoyed it.

I am blown away by all your sweet comments, and all my new followers. You guys are amazing. I try to visit each and everyone of you, but unless you leave a comment I cant seem to find your blog? Only a few of my followers has a link to their own blog via that board... hmmm
Next up is the downstairs hallway. My only equestrian chic room.
Stay tuned!


Neverluren said...

Så utrolig flott og sjarmerende kjøkken du har :-)
Første gang jeg har vært inne på bloggen din , men jeg kommer garantert tilbake :-)
Har lagt meg til som følger :-)

Hilsen Rita

RoseSommer said...

Du har så sansen, altså!!! :-)
Ville gjerne skrytt av mye hos deg, men det vil ta tid,så jeg skal si EN ting som fanget øyet mitt:
Den trekassa ved den gamle ovnen!!
Takk for titten.

andrea said...

Hello, Trine! Love what you did to the kitchen! My old bathroom looked very similar when we moved in... yellow with dark drapes. Out with the old!! Your new kitchen is very refeshing, and I LOVE your chicken pictures! Andrea @

Denise said...

Congratulations on your feature with the Old Painted Cottage. I look forward to the first of each month with anticipation of the next cottage and yours certainly did not disapoint! Just beautiful!

Claudia said...

Love what you did to revitalize the kitchen! It's so cheery and light now.

Mamsens hus said...

Så lekkert kjøkken, med mange vakre detaljer. :)
Litt av en forandring.
Ønsker deg en fin kveld. :)

Karin said...

Love your new kitchen! Those floors sure DO look like real wood!!

Mitt hvite hus said...

Herlighet for en forandring... du har det bare så utrolig koselig og fint...

alle de herlige tingene...

klemmer o=)

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

I love your kitchen! It it so bright and cheerful and I love all the vintage touches. It's lovely!

Monica Helén said...

"It was a sorry sight." Haaaahaaa, that was really an understatement..;P It was a TERRIBLE sight, Trine....=) But you´ve saved the room from despair...=)

Jeg elsker kjøkkenet ditt, og digger den kaffekroken så veldig!! =)) Og bordet ditt... måtte det bli der for alltid...<3

Anonymous said...


I love your cute house! It is a dream house. I think people forget how lovely a simple cottage can be. I am in North Carolina, Southern USA and have been fixing a fixer upper myself out in the country. I have your blog as one of my favorites! Jennie Richardson

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

I so love that you said, "I couldn't afford real wood" for your floors. What a beautiful kitchen you've created. :-)

Lindsay said...

WOW! I love that you left all the wood and painted it! Wonderful job this and all your home look like pictures out of a magazine. Love the cabinets and green walls in your kitchen and that mudroom is to die for, i like that you painted the floors too they look so nice! Everything is amazing!! Lindsay
Country Girl Home

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Absolutely perfectly amazing.... you have done a fabulous job. Your little cottage just screams 'happy'!!! Love it all.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Hello Trine! I'm so delighted to meet you and see your beautiful and charming kitchen. I love the colors you have chosen! I can just feel myself relaxing looking at your charming kitchen. Now I'm off to go see some more of your sweet cottage at Vinnord.

Mary Busby said...

Just discovered your sight, love looking and dreaming. It's so warm and inviting. Wish I was as talented as you are. Although your decorating isn't the style I would want for my house....I love what I see ~ go figure!